High-level System Components

TriCaster mini SDI

Video Switching Systems

The video switcher is usually the "brain" of the media system. Video and audio content is mixed and various types of outputs can be distributed depending on what system is specified.

The NewTek Tricaster can output mixed source recordings, image magnification (IMAG) and live-streaming all at the same time. Other systems such as the Telestream WireCast Pro software can record and livestream at the same time. We are a factory authorized NewTek reseller and trainer.

Sony video camera

Video Sources

Video sources are typically cameras but other types of signals can be sources too. A graphics system such as a character generator or a sports telestrator can be used as inputs to the video switcher.

We source cameras from a wide array of manufacturers and which camera we specify depends on the environment and the type of content that will be filmed.

Mackie audio mixer

Audio Systems

Audio systems include audio mixers, microphones, headphones, speakers, audio cables and more. Audio is the hardest system to get just right. That's why we pay particular attention to each component. It's only as good as the weakest link.

We have relationships with a large number of audio equipment manufacturers so we can help you have the best audio chain for your particular use and budget.

Unity intercome logo

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems can sometimes appear to be an "extra" but when one has multiple camera operators, the intercom system is a necessity.

We have access to systems by Unity, ClearCom and Telex systems. These all have different price-points and features.

Flo light florescent light

Lighting Systems

Lighting is necessary to create the optimum images. We have systems for both in-studio and on-location lighting.

Arri, Litepanels, Flolight and Ikan are just to name a few of the brands we carry.

Teleprompter system on tripod


For facilities that use on camera talent will like our variety of TelePrompTers. Whether mounted on stands or tripods, remote controlled by a hand controller, a foot switch or an iPad, there's no shortage of flexible prompting and control.

We sell brands from AutoCue, Ikan and Prompter People.

Tripod on dolly

Camera Support Systems

Tripods, jibs, sliders all help add movement and stability to camera shots. These support systems are chosen based on the weight of your camera as well as the type of movement required for the shot.

We carry brands such as Sachtler, Manfrotto, Libec, Ikan and Miller.

Video camera monitor

Video Monitoring Systems

Monitors for the studio, edit suite and on-location. Monitors are a great way to assure what you see is what you are getting. The more accurate the monitor, the more sure one can be about the focus and exposure. Some monitors even record these days.

Brands such as Delvcam, Black Magic Design, Marshall, Atomos, Convergent Design, Leader and Ikan.

BNC cable


Video, audio and other types of cables are not very exciting but if one uses "cheap" cables, the results of that sub-system may suffer. Also, one must use the correct type of cable for a particular use.

Industry standard cable and connector brands we carry include Belden, Neutric, Gepco, Kings and Canare.

SNS storage logo

Storage Systems

In these days of file-based audio and video recording and editing, one can never have to much storage. Also, one must have the right type of storage for a particular purpose. On-line, near-line, off-line are some of the terms that define the type of storage one needs.

Our brands include Lacie, G-Tech, SNS, Avid, Atomos and ProMax.

CatDV logo

Media Asset Management

As good as file-based recording and editing is, it's sometimes hard to find a specific assets among thousands of files. Media Asset Management is here to save the day. By indexing metadata and adding custom metadata, it's now easier to find that right shot, still or music clip for your production.

We are factory trained reseller and technical resource for Squarebox Systems, the creator of CatDV.

Avid Technology logo

Creative Software

Software is used throughout the creative process. From the Adobe Creative Cloud to Avid Media Composer, its software that will help one to achieve their creative vision.

We sell softwaree from Adobe, Avid, Black Magic Design, Boris FX, Chyron Hego, Mocha,iZotope, NewBlueFX, Telestream and RedGiant.